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Better Grip, More Control, Greater Comfort

Snow tires for skid steers raise the bar for efficiency at the job site. Installing KAGE KLAWZ skid steer snow tires will give you ultimate traction and control. We’ve done side-by-side tests and there’s no comparison in performance between conventional skid steer snow tires and the KAGE KLAWZ. Even in a downward sloped drive, the results were obvious. Your machine will give you all the power you need, now let a set of KAGE KLAWZ unleash that power in snow.

! You have always had enough horse power but never the traction. Kage Innovation has solved the problem by offering a full steel radial snow tire that allows you to maximize the efficiency of your machine. Radial tires allow the machine to transfer more power to the ground, better traction, longer wear life, and higher weight capacity. Thanks to the flexibility and strength of the tire, the tire absorbs shocks, impacts, and bumps. The result is a better and more comfortable ride. Another great advantage is when you wear out the tire you can just go to your local tire dealer and have your tires recapped.